About us

Chicago Group

Chicago Group is the most prestigious name in the business industry in Multan, Pakistan.

We make precision parts choosing the right materials and machining perfect fits,giving the finished parts long durable life & we make lubricants and greases trying to achieve the same.

Our manufacturing plants are located in Multan, Pakistan. Multan is a big city centrally located in Pakistan, making it an ideal location for distributing our goods all over the Pakistan.The group employs many very highly qualified people with higher degrees in Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Accounting and Information Technology.

Our Labs are equipped with state of the art equipment imported from the USA, Europe and Japan.Our Parts manufacturing foundries & factories are equipped with Induction Melting Furnaces, CNC Machines, Conventional Machines and complete Metallurgical Laboratories. Our Lubricants & Greases manufacturing plant is fitted with machinery and equipment imported from the USA, Europe, Singapore and China.

Chicago Group is based in Multan, Pakistan. The group consists of the following companies:

  •   Chicago Metal Works (Pvt) Ltd.
  •   M.Shah Muhammad & Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
  •   Servo Motor Oil (Pvt) Ltd.
  •   ECO Processing Plant.
  •   Traxx VTMS (Pvt.) Ltd.


Traxx VTMS

Specialises in providing tracking solutions to fleet operators across the Pakistan with offices in 35 cities. Traxx fleet management solution for allows you to monitor, observe and manage your fleet in real time online tracking, 24/7 and with great detailed reporting for the fleets anytime.

The Traxx system provides a sophisticated fleet management tool that adopts the latest technology to provide comprehensive real-time, fleet location & status information.

MISSION: To provide businesses with tracking solution & fleet management services that will enhance the bottom line and improving transparency, efficiency, quality and safety of your fleet.

VISION: We will always contemplate on where we are going and not be satisfied on where we have been, we will always be attentive of all the technology available.

Goal: Our devotion to ingenuity, reliability, and high business principals is to build trust and respect in the marketplace, effective communication and 24/7 customer service.

We are the only vehcile tracking company in pakistan that offers following unique servies:

  •   Real time online tracking, 24/7
  •   Fleet Management Solutions
  •   Vehcile Maintenance Alerts
  •   Vehcile Documents Renew Alerts
  •   Fuel Sensor's for Fleets
  •   SmartPhone Based Applications